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Licensed. Regulated. Trusted by traders in 100+ countries.

Local service is the cornerstone of our global strength. Because of this, Agility holds financial trading licenses around the world, so you can trade with us knowing you are complying with local regulations. We have an award-winning client support team that speaks your language behind that.

Top tier liquidity

With our pricing engine, you can access 20+ top liquidity sources directly for a competitive trading edge. Together with our superior network technology, we are able to offer lower pricing with faster delivery, faster refresh, and fewer outages.

Try trading (without the risk)

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of trading without risking your own money? You can practice with virtual funds by opening an Agility Demo account for free.

If you are an aspiring trader, or a savvy pro looking for new opportunities, our near-real-time Demo account allows you to practice and find an edge you can use to succeed.

Super simple withdrawals

Withdrawing your own money can be a difficult process with some brokers. With our online Client Portal, you can make deposits and request withdrawals at any time. It is possible to clear your money instantly, based on the funding method you choose.

Secure payments
Segregated funds
Instant payment options
Easy withdrawals

Securing your payments

Online security and fraud prevention are our top priorities as a responsible broker. For your account’s security, we implement high industry standards of encryption for online payments and apply extra validation measures, such as verifying each deposit and withdrawal matches the name on your credit card. Your account is protected by these small but important steps, which make trading safer and more secure.

Automatic Client Money Insurance up to $1m

With Agility’s comprehensive Client Money Insurance policy, our retail clients are protected up to US$1,000,000 for extra peace of mind. All retail accounts with balances over US$20,000 automatically qualify for this insurance coverage at no additional cost.

The right trading tools for the job

World-class technology is essential for modern traders. With Agility, you get a unique combination of simplicity and sophistication through its advanced trade management tools.

Whether you need AI-driven analytics in real-time to improve your decision-making or automation software to help you take advantage of market opportunities, Agility gives you the tools you need to hone your tactics.

More ways to protect yourself in our platform

In spite of the inherent risk of trading, we strive to provide our clients with as much protection as possible as a transparent and trusted broker. The benefits of using a variety of these protective measures in your day-to-day trading should be considered by all traders.

Free protection against adverse market movements
If the market moves against you, set a Stop Loss order. In spite of no trigger charge, slippage is not guaranteed, so if the market gaps, your position could be closed out at a worse level.

Don’t miss out on profits
Whenever you open your trade, place a Trailing Stop so that it moves with your profit. Your position will close out at your Trailing Stop’s new level if the market turns against you. By doing so, you can lock in profits without having to monitor your position and adjust your stop loss. Trailing stops do not protect against slippage like regular stop-losses.

Take profit automatically
You can set a limit order in line with your profit target, and we will close your position when the price reaches it!

Stay on top of market movements
When a market reaches your specified price, we will send you a text or email alert. It is free to set up push alert notifications on our web-based platform and apps, and they appear as in-platform pop-ups on PCs and mobile devices.

Taking control of your risk

With agility, you can take advantage of a wealth of free tools and resources for risk management, as well as extensive educational resources devoted to improving your overall trading skills.

Can you lose more than you deposited?
Whenever you trade with leverage, you run the risk of losing more than the balance of your account. Before trading, always check your trade size and level of exposure and make sure you can afford to cover any potential loss. A negative balance can also be reduced by using simple tools such as automatic stop-losses.

Sudden position closures
Market volatility and the need to maintain sufficient margin in your account make it vital to keep an eye on your bottom line. In order to prevent a negative balance, trades may be closed on your behalf if you don’t have enough in your account. We make it extremely easy for you to add funds to your account whenever you need them.

Occasionally, the price you expected may differ in a very small way from the actual execution price as a result of rapidly changing global market conditions. In order to reduce inconvenience to our clients, we invest heavily in technology and infrastructure to significantly reduce slippage across our network. This practice is known as “Slippage”. Agility now boasts some of the fastest trade execution speeds in the market.

Our system makes it easy for you to check and change your leverage level since every trader has a different approach to risk. Log into our Client Portal and look for your leverage settings. Your default settings and the risk you’re exposed to on your trades will always be clear to you.


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