Connect and Trade with our API – Agility Markets

Connect and Trade with our API

For your special needs, we offer a specialised service

Agility API Trading Solutions

API traders have special requirements, and we understand that. To keep your capital safe, you need a level of liquidity and a technological edge. With our API offering, we deliver this to you every day.

Incredible Pricing

A small pricing edge matters to algorithmic traders. Enhance the performance of your trading systems with pricing tailored to your needs.

Quality Execution

Without reliable execution and a high click-through rate, tight spreads and low latency are useless. Working with clients and LPs around the world, we strive to achieve and maintain click-through rates for our clients.

Cutting Edge Technology

Investing in high-spec infrastructure that can handle demand and ensure our systems are not overtaxed allows us to maximise server uptime, ensure a stable environment, and offer superior pricing.


Using a segregated trust account, we protect and secure your funds.

Mitigated Latency

Our co-located servers execute orders in milliseconds.

Platform Agnostic

Several platforms and intermediaries connect us to the Forex industry, and we can accommodate even the most complex client setups.