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Best Pricing & Trade Execution

Faster execution, lower latency, and better pricing. Trading to your Advantage.

Cutting Edge Technology

Agility delivers high-performance technology and exceptional service to modern traders. Any time you’re ready to trade, you can count on Agility for rock-solid platforms, lightning-fast trade execution, raw spreads, and flexible leverage.

It's what you don't see that gives Agility the advantage…

When it comes to executing a trade, serious traders know that time is of the essence. In order to achieve this, Agility invests heavily in behind-the-scenes network technology. It results in superior pricing that is delivered faster, refreshes faster, has greater liquidity, and experiences fewer outages.

Why lower latency matters

Lower cost

In comparison to a standard connection, lower latency can significantly reduce the chance of slippage.

Faster refresh

During major events (e.g. elections), when volatility and liquidity are high, lower latency improves our system refresh speed and gives you greater confidence in our pricing.

Fewer outages

We don’t rely on slower ECN-style technologies because our pricing engine connects directly with 20+ liquidity sources. You get more reliable, faster, and deeper pricing this way.

Excellence in execution

You may experience slowdowns on some networks. It speeds you up. By investing in world-leading technology, we can ensure that your trade always takes the least congested, and therefore fastest, route through the Internet. Combined with the ability to speed up the client-side of your Trading App, Agility delivers your trades faster than typical ECN technologies.

Faster than ECN

In our view, traditional ECN connections are too slow for today’s traders; layers of networks, cables, firewalls, and third-party platforms only add to the trader’s latency.

So what are we going to do? With our direct connections to 20+ top tier liquidity providers and co-located servers in key locations around the world, we use shorter, therefore faster, connections. In this way, the execution is faster, the pricing is more accurate, and the outages are fewer.

Top tier liquidity. Always.

Agility has built strong relationships with top liquidity providers around the world over the past decade. We are able to provide you with better pricing and faster execution speeds as a result of these trusted partnerships.

A world of trading products

Agility offers ultra competitive spreads and flexible leverage so you can trade your edge across a variety of global markets.


Forex Trading


Indices Trading


Commodity Trading


Precious Metals


Oil Trading

A superior setup. No comparison.

Regardless of what front-end device or connection you use, our specialised low latency network will boost your back-end performance. On a different network, the same setup would result in slower speeds and less reliability.

Flexible leverage. More opportunities.

In addition to giving you access to a world of FX pairs, commodities, stocks and indices, our flexible leverage allows you to customize your risk profile and maximize your trading capital.

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