AM Trader Multi-Account Manager – Agility Markets

AM Trader Multi-Account Manager

From one trade terminal, you can manage an unlimited number of managed accounts

Multiple accounts. Better management.

With Agility Markets Multi Account Manager (MAM), a single trader can execute block trades on all accounts operating under a master account. Orders can be placed in bulk, with speed, to an unlimited number of accounts.

With our Agility Markets Trader servers, our MAM solution provides account managers with the fast and reliable service they need, including all the features of a standard account such as EA use. Agility Multi Account Manager offers convenience, increased automation, and enhanced functionality. A discretionary account or managed investment scheme operator must be approved and regulated to take advantage of this product.


Benefits of Multi-Account Manager

  • Agility Markets Trader allows you to trade block orders from a single master account
  • 6 allocation methods:
    – Lot Allocation
    – Percent Allocation
    – Proportional By Balance
    – Proportional By Equity
    – Equity Percent Allocation
    – Allocation by Equal Risk
    – Trade sizes from 0.01
  • Market, Stop, and Limit orders are all accepted
  • Order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close, Close All
  • AM Trader servers with high performance and reliability